NT Fellows and their Projects | 1966-2014 | A-Z


Pastor Paul Albrecht, 1969
To undertake a social science course with emphasis on community organisation and development, including factors encouraging or inhibiting satisfying attitudes to change (more particularly as these relate to groups such as the Australian Aborigines in their present environment) - India

Mr John Amadio, 1981
To study overseas developments in the use of gas fuels in diesel generating plants, including heat recovery systems and installation methods - UK, USA

Ms Elizabeth Amega, 2010
To study advance practice nursing for chronic kidney disease clients in primary health care - Ghana, Ireland, Cuba


Ms Jacqueline Barfoot, 2013
The Nancy Fairfax Churchill Fellowship to investigate current evidence-based 'parent-child interaction' intervention methods for children with learning disabilities - USA, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Israel

Mr Philip Batty, 1984 
To study Indigenous and minority broadcasting services - USA, Canada

Ms Louise Bilato, 2005
To gain an understanding of the vocational components of multi-disciplinary pain programs and identify strategies that will enhance return to work outcomes and increase work readiness - New Zealand, Canada

Mr Matthew Blyth, 2009
To study screen writing and its role in the film production process - USA, Germany, UK

Ms Leonie Broman, 2001
To study martial art programs for people with physical and intellectual disabilities - UK, USA

Mr Timothy Brooking, 1976
To observe the latest scientific developments and teaching techniques in underwater diving - USA

Ms Josephine Buck (Phillips), 2012
The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Churchill Fellowship to improve educational outcomes and training for Aboriginal Community Police Officers in the Northern Territory - New Zealand, USA, Canada

Ms Mary Anne Butler, 2014
To further develop contemporary playwrighting skills - Ireland


Mr Bryan Cantle, 1994
To study captive breeding of rare and endangered reptiles - USA

Mr Ian Cawood, 1982
To attend an international seminar on national parks in Michigan, and to study the impact and management of visitor numbers, consessionaires and the involvement of Indigenous people in national parks - USA, Canada

Detective Sergeant Jamie Chalker, 2006
To identify methods and approaches used by International Law Enforcement Agencies to counter Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMG's) and their involvement in organised crime - USA, Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark

Mr George Chaloupka, 1983
To study prehistoric rock paintings in India and in the Franco-Cantabrian region of Europe (Spain and France) and to visit institutions concerned with rock art research and conservation - India, Spain, France

Mr Peter Chandler MLA, 2007
To ascertain the link between Urban Animal Control and animal welfare - USA, Canada, U.K.

Mr Dennis Chinner, 1974
To attend an international seminar on Administration of National Parks and Equivalent Reserves - USA, Canada

Mr Michael Clark, 1996
The Ronald Badman Churchill Fellowship to study native grass seed production - Canada, USA

Mr Kenneth Conway, 1987
To study and observe theatre and community arts companies operating across cultural barriers in order to improve multi-cultural theatre in Darwin - UK, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Singapore

Ms Alison Copley, 2009 
To investigate capacity building relating to Indigenous Community Cultural Festivals within Australia - Canada, New Zealand

Mr Emil Coutts-Kidd, 2007
To study European clown traditions with Ecole Philippe Gaulier - France

Mr Brian Creer, 1981
To study the use of visual communications for the health education of Indigenous communities - USA

Ms Franchesca Cubillo, 2006 
To ascertain how government legislation, organisational policies and community strategies have facilitated the repatriation of Indigenous human remains - New Zealand, USA, Canada, U.K.

Mr Henry Cuff, 1969
To study animal husbandry of the buffalo - Italy, Greece, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia

Miss Christine Cumaiyi, 1999
To investigate Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programmes for implementation in Indigenous communities - Bangladesh, Nepal, U.K., Canada

Ms Jennifer Cunningham, 2011
To research various community engagement strategies that promote sustained environmental stewardship - USA, Canada


Mrs Helena Daff, 1976
To study recent overseas developments in child welfare institutions - UK, USA

Mr John Dahlsen, 2014
To work with master artists in elite woodblock and other printing methods - Japan, Netherlands

Mr Max Daniels, 1967
To observe conduct of co-operative societies among developing people and the methods of home construction and boat building - Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, New Zealand

Mrs Vicki Darken, 1968
To extend own style and techniques by studies of traditional paintings and modern masters - UK, USA, France, Netherlands, Spain, Germany

Mr Edward Davies, 1975
To study government policies regarding mineral resources and governmental administration of the mining industry - UK, Canada, USA, Mexico, South Africa, Zambia

Mr Billy-Jo Davison, 2002.1
To study contemporary policing of indigenous communities - USA, Canada

Mr Karl Day, 2013
To implement a first class suspect and witness interviewing strategy in the Northern Territory - UK

Mr Victor De Fonteway, 1966
To consult with overseas experts in date culture, processing and packaging - USA, UK, France, Italy, North Africa, Israel, Iraq, Pakistan, South Africa

Mrs Nancy Devlin, 2000
To investigate school programmes for children with high support needs - USA

Mr Graeme Dobson, 2003
To research natural sea sponge cultivation, processing and marketing - Greece, Tunisia, France, Italy

Ms Rosie Downing, 2013
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to observe successful birthing services for women living in remote communities - UK, Czech Republic, Canada, New Zealand


Miss Mary Ehn, 1986
To undertake a course in teaching the handicapped to drive - UK

Mr Anthony Espie, 1970
To gain further experience in the drilling industry - USA


Mr Peter Feenstra, 1996
To study the manufacture, provision and supply of artificial limbs - UK, Netherlands

Mr Barry Firth, 1972
To study modern developments in co-operative cooling and humidifying appliances for buildings - USA, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Sweden

Mr Richard Flockhart, 1977
To undertake an intensive study of applied horse nutrition and ration formulation combined with effluent utilisation and disposal - USA

Dr Anna Flouris, 2011
The Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation Churchill Fellowship to investigate Indigenous youth leadership projects for implementation in remote Australia - USA, Canada

Mr James Foster, 1979
To study methods of handling and transportation of livestock - USA

Mr Murray Fuller, 1996
The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to study control of woody weeds in arid and semi-arid areas - USA


Mr James Gallacher, 1966 
To study first hand ways in which education departments approach curriculum development to achieve social change and teaching in a language other than the vernacular, which might be applied to assist the educational progress of Aboriginal children - Canada

Ms Marian Genner, 1985
To study methods of involving indigenous people in the management of national parks - Canada, USA

Mr Harry Giese, 1966
To study administration of welfare policies regarding Native Americans and Innuit and to examine special problems in education, training, employment and land tenure with the view of Australian assimilation of Aboriginals - USA, Canada

Ms Robyn Glynn, 1999
To investigate Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programmes for implementation in Indigenous communities - Bangladesh, Nepal, U.K., Canada

Sergeant Noel Gokel, 2005
To study programmes and initiatives which improve policing in culturally diverse communities - U.K.

Mr Stuart Gold, 1995
To study major US parks focusing on management issues - USA

Mr James Goodwin, 1973
To advance knowledge in modern developments in the use of electronics as applicable to the field of x-ray technology - UK, Italy, France, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Japan

Mr Daryl Gray, 1992
To investigate various outdoor recreation facilities which address the needs of disabled people - USA

Mr Wilfred Gray, 1974
To undertake a course in community development - UK

Mrs Wendy Guscott, 2009
To explore culturally appropriate response models to provide psychological support for people affected by trauma - USA, Canada, UK


Mr Garry Halliday, 2004
To investigate the use of resilience and happiness training to assist family carers in coping with their role as carers - U.K., Germany, USA

Mr Alister Hallum, 1971
To study traditional and primitive pottery methods and the operation of pottery centres for Indigenous people in tropical areas - Papua New Guinea, Thailand, India, UK, Hong Kong, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Spain

Mr Dominic Hamilton, 1972
To study modern techniques and the latest research developments in the "row cropping" of soya beans - USA

Ms Merryn Hare, 1997
To investigate the social impact of euthanasia - Netherlands

Mr Wayne Harris, 2013
To identify successful methodologies that provide alternatives to incarcerating intoxicated persons in police watch houses - USA, Canada

Ms Sandra Healey, 1994
To study educational facilities for emotionally disturbed children - New Zealand

Mr Paul Heaton, 2003
To gain practical insights into the design and operation of small scale soil aquifer treatment (SAT) systems as it relates to the treatment, storage and reuse of effluence - USA

Mr Reginald Helyar, 1976
To undertake an overseas investigation into community involvement in education with particular reference to parental participation - UK, Denmark, USA, Canada

Sergeant Maxwell Hill, 1986
To study the design and implementation of successful strategies in the prevention of juvenile crime and Police Youth Communications - USA

Mr Martin Holloway, 1991
To study the most modern methods and techniques being used in the investigation of motor vehicle accidents - USA, UK

Dr John Hooper, 1988
To study the marine sponge type specimen holdings at the British Museum, particularly the "Challenger" and "Alert" Authors from Northern Australia, and the Orders Poecilosclerida and Axinellida, in order to complete an ongoing taxonomic revision of those groups - France, UK

Senior Constable John Horswell, 1984
To undertake Arson Fire Investigation courses at the US FBI and National Fire Academies and to study current and new methods in Arson Fire Investigation with Police Arson Squads - USA

Brother Joseph Howley OAM, MSC, 1978
To study the problems and solutions to Indigenous people moving from "developed" communities back to their tribal lands with particular emphasis on the readjustment process and land ownership - New Zealand, USA

Mr Keith Hyde, 1975
To study the production from and utilisation of rangelands including the accessment of stock density thereon - South Africa, USA, Mexico

Miss Debbie Hyder, 2003
To participate in a number of circus workshops and events, particularly a unicycle convention in Japan - Japan, Germany, U.K., USA


Chief Inspector John Ilett, 1979
To study developments in police and race community relations - Canada, USA

Mr Airileke Ingram, 1998
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study traditional music, particularly log drumming - Cook Islands, USA


Sister Ann Jarvis, 1980
To undertake a course in Stomal Therapy at the Cleveland Clinic - USA

Ms Natalie Jenkins, 2007
To investigate design and technical aspects of recycled glass in art - USA, U.K.

Ms Winsome Jobling, 2008
To investigate innovative hand papermaking focusing on specialist papers for printmaking - Singapore, USA, U.K.

Mrs Jean Johnson, 1971
To observe music teaching methods for caucasian and Indigenous people and for handicapped groups of children and adolescents - USA

Mrs Dale Jones, 2006
The 40th Anniversary Churchill Fellowship (NT) to undertake an analysis of the Ponsetti method of treating the congenital condition known as clubfoot particularly within Indigenous communities - USA, Uganda


Mr Robert Keetch, 1978
To attend the international rangeland conference in Colorado and to study rangeland reclamation techniques - USA, Israel, India

Mr Graeme Kelleher, 1972
To study developments in the assessment and control of the effects of engineering works on the environment - USA, Canada

Ms Alexandra Kelly, 2012
To undertake placements with social change documentary film companies to learn about impact, distribution and marketing models - USA

Mr Peter King, 1983
To attend a US National Parks Service training course on park interpretation and to study selected programmes of park interpretation and environmental education - USA, Canada


Ms Ann Land, 1990
To investigate seating and equipment for disabled children and adults - USA, UK, Canada

Dr Teresa Lea, 2005
To examine education policies, funding decisions and teaching practices based on evidence rather than ideology - Canada, USA

Miss Priscilla Leeson, 2011
To study training techniques for Western horse riding with particular emphasis on the Reining discipline - USA, Canada

Dr Godfrey Letts, 1967
To study adaptation, productivity and diseases of feral but potentially productive animals - South Africa, France, USA, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia

Mr Paul Levin, 1976
To update knowledge on the type, financial cost and procedures used by small overseas airlines changing from government subsidy-supported, to self reliant - Canada, Brazil, UK, USA

Ms Penelope Lonsdale, 1997 
To study the teaching of music to children - Hungary


Dr Mali Malipatil, 1984
To examine species of Australian Reduviidae (Hemiptera) types of predaceous insects held at museums with the aim of identifying types that could be used for the biological control of agricultural pests - UK, France

Mrs Claudia Manu-Preston, 2010
To investigate homelessness models of housing and support for people with a mental illness - UK, Italy, Canada, USA

Mr Colin McCool, 1981
To study control of feral and wild animal populations and disease control within these populations - USA, Italy, South Africa

Ms Andrea McKey, 2009
To research 'painting with light' techniques to tell stories and connect communities - USA, Italy, Germany

Miss Melissa Merry, 2006
The Peter Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to study Raptor conservation and rehabilitation techniques with emphasis on acquiring new skills in Raptor veterinary medicine and in the conservation of Raptors through education via public displays/interactions - USA

Mr Timothy Micklem, 1989
To study the production, processing, packaging and handling of commercial varieties of dates in the Northern Hemisphere, for the establishment of a date industry in Central Australia - USA, Pakistan, Israel, Egypt

Mr Paul Mitchell, 1995
To study the management structures of community owned beef cattle grazing enterprises - Fiji, Papua New Guinea

Mr Tony Mitchell, 1998
The AMP Churchill Fellowship to study risk management - USA, Switzerland

Mr Kevin Mitchell, 1998
The Sir Ronald Brierley Churchill Fellowship to improve knowledge of the maintenance of cricket pitches and ovals - UK

Miss Catherine Moody, 1998
The WA Family and Children's Services Churchill Fellowship to study community medicine with particular reference to paediatric nutritional education in Indigenous communities - UK, South Africa, Kenya

Ms Helen Murphy, 2000
To study the processing and marketing of beef in Home Meal Replacements (HMR) and Meal Composites (MC) - UK, USA


Mr Timothy Newland, 1991
To study traditional stonemasonry craftmanship, quarrying and restoration techniques and current technology applicable to natural stone - UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany

Mr David Newton-Tabrett, 1973
To study Brucellosis and Tuberculosis disease of cattle with special emphasis on the epidemiology - UK, USA

Ms Lyma Nguyen, 2014
To build expertise in the practice of international criminal justice by examining the operation of international courts and preparing victim representation in a genocide trial before the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia - Netherlands, France


Ms Angela O’Donnell, 2013
To research ways in which isolated artists work to create strong and tourable theatre - Turkey, Germany, UK, Ireland, Columbia

Ms Molly O'Shaughnessy, 2014
The Dorothy and Brian Wilson Churchill Fellowship to investigate innovative youth homelessness programs - UK, Canada, USA


Mr Owen Peake, 1977
To investigate the design, construction, operation and maintenance of urban electrical distribution systems - USA

Mr Brenton Pedler, 2010
To investigate alternative education programs particularly how their successful outcomes are measured - USA, Canada, Denmark, UK

Mr Stephen Peilschmidt, 1990
To investigate the design, manufacturing, operating and maintenance aspects of combined cycle plant (power generation) with a view to expanding the knowledge base of the technology in the Northern Territory and Australia - USA

Mr Leslie Penhall, 1970
To study the usage and effects of alcohol on Indigenous and minority groups - USA, Canada, Mexico

Ms Felicity Pidgeon, 2013
The Dr Dorothea Sandars and Irene Lee Churchill Fellowship to research models and methods used by services providing cross cultural rehabilitation therapy to disabled persons in very isolated regions - USA, Canada

Mr John Pitt, 1993
The Swire Group Churchill Fellowship to study integrated ecological and biological management of woody weeds - USA

Dr John Plummer, 1985
To study developments in forensic dentistry - USA, Sweden, Denmark, UK

Ms Louise Presswell, 2008
To study cancer care education for rural and Indigenous people - Canada, U.K.

Mrs Helene Pretty, 1988
To investigate the techniques employed by others in collecting, displaying and maintaining similar ecological systems to that of Indo Pacific Marine, to gain expertise and bring about an improved exhibition at that aquarium - New Caledonia, Japan

Mr Robert Prickett, 1967
To study public health aspects of water supply, sewerage treatment and re-use in tropical and arid regions - USA


Mr Adrian Ralston, 1982
To study developments in practical urban and rural hygiene and sanitation with particular reference to disadvantaged communities - Canada, USA

Ms Linda Reedman, 2001
To investigate the family-focused approach to early childhood intervention which considers the family's culture, values and aspirations as integral aspects of a child's development - New Zealand

Mr Robert Richards, 2002.1
To investigate fin fish farming in warm water ponds for profitable and environmentally sustainable operation - China, Norway, USA

Ms Pippa Rudd, 2012
To develop an integrated legislative and service system response to youth justice and child protection in the Northern Territory - UK, USA

Ms Maggie Rutherford, 1995
To study rehabilitation management systems with established motor accident compensation scheme administrators - Canada


Mr Peter Sandell, 1985
To study developments in arid zone tree establishment - Israel, USA

Sergeant Bruce Sandry, 1978
To study new techniques and scientific advances in forensic science and the scientific investigation of crime with particular reference to police forensic laboratories, their equipment methods, staff structures and the deployment of that staff - UK, Canada

Miss Kylie Schutt, 2007
To improve anti-coagulation management in people with rheumatic heart disease - U.K., Vanuatu, New Zealand

Mrs Lynette Serventy, 1973
To study developments in youth theatre, drama and allied arts and to observe modern methods used in drama productions - UK

Mr Jared Sharp, 2012
The Justice James Muirhead Churchill Fellowship to investigate strategies for increasing the cultural integrity of court processes for Aboriginal young people and their families in the Northern Territory Youth Justice System - USA, Canada, New Zealand

Mr Michael Shaw, 2002.2
To assess police bicycle patrol techniques, particularly team selection, training, health and safety requirements, public satisfaction and crime reduction effectiveness - Canada, USA, U.K.

Mr Robert Shewring, 1987
To investigate the ways in which the Navaho and Hopi Indians have developed strategies to offset high unemployment rates in order to develop strategies to assist Aboriginal youth - USA

Miss Judith Shields, 2001
To research fatigue engendered by operational requirements of medical crews in the air ambulance environment - USA

Ms Joanne Sivyer, 2000
To study the provision of legal representation for children - UK, Belgium, USA

Miss Penny Smallacombe, 2010
To investigate the structures and language maintenance programming of international Indigenous media organisations - Norway, Canada

Ms Lillian Smith, 2002.2
To broaden my knowledge of textile art - USA

Mr William Somerville, 2008
To study Indigenous rehabilitation and reintegration practices - Canada

Mr Peter Spillett, 1980
To study documents relating to early British settlements of the Northern Territory in order to write and publish a documented history of Fort Dundas and Fort Wellington in the Northern Territory - UK, Netherlands, France


Ms Kathryn Tan, 2011
To undertake the Professional Certificate Program in Injury-Preventative Keyboard Technique with Barbara Lister-Sink - USA

Ms Christine Tayler, 2011
The Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Churchill Fellowship to study initiatives that support Indigenous educators in their work with children from birth to age five in remote Australia - Canada, New Zealand

Mr Stephen Templeton, 1999
To study behavioural enrichment techniques for zoo and other captive animals - USA, U.K.


Mr Christopher Uren, 1997
To investigate the role of Indigenous people in mining on their lands and to study environmental management of mining - UK, France, Switzerland, Canada, USA

Mr Nicolaas Van Eck, 1974
To increase knowledge and command of the "Bahasa" Indonesian language - Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore

Ms Eileen Van Iersel, 2008
To analyse communication and cultural barriers within health services where English is a second or third language - New Zealand, USA, Canada 

Mr Allan Van Zyl, 2001
To research Indigenous youth imprisonment with emphasis on social pressures to offend and the possible use of imprisonment as a substitute for traditional processes - USA, Canada 


Ms Prudence Walker, 2008
To investigate models of care for children with Foetal Alcohol Syndrome - USA, Canada 

Miss Sarena Wegener, 2012
The Dame Roma Mitchell Churchill Fellowship to expand knowledge of teaching and performing on Renaissance and Baroque woodwind instruments - UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland

Ms Sandra Wendlandt, 2014
The Justice James Muirhead Churchill Fellowship to explore alternative and culturally specific programs which aim to divert Indigenous first time offenders from the criminal justice system - New Zealand, Canada, UK, Belgium, Germany, South Africa 

Ms Margaret West, 2002.1
To study museum practice in the presentation of contemporary Indigenous cultures for application in the NorthernTerritory - Canada, USA 

Mrs Kathryn White (now Cridland), 1982
To study developments in drug rehabilitation, particularly with reference to imprisoned addicts - USA

Mr Glenn Wightman, 2008
To examine programs being undertaken by leading institutions to preserve and pass on traditional plant and animal knowledge - USA, U.K. 

Mr Steve Winderlich, 1996
To study land management and conservation in national parks - Kenya, Tanzania 

Ms Leanne Wood, 2011
The Bob and June Prickett Churchill Fellowship to investigate programs and strategies to increase organ donation and transplantation rates in cultural groups - USA

Sergeant David Young, 2012
To improve the detection of illicit substances being transported to remote/Indigenous communities utilising police dogs - Canada, USA, UK